Affiliation Information

We are always looking for fine websites to affiliate with. We do not set harsh requirements by any means, however your website must meet the following requirements:

  • Your site must have a clean layout, meaning your layout can not be something that will give everyone who visits a headache. You do not need a flashy, pretty layout, however it should be something other then an unstructured white page.
  • Your website must center around the Legend of Zelda series. In other words, we will not be affiliating with Moe's Dry Cleaning *however they are a great source for getting your suite ready for that big day*.
  • Your site must be in English. You must also make an attempt to use proper grammatical structure. If there are far too many errors to count you will need to clear these issues prior to affiliation.
  • You may not host materials, walkthroughs, anything of that matter without prior permission of the author or if unprotected a citation to the author must be given *so, images taken by IGN for example are OK, as long as you keep their watermark, hence a citation of a free source*.
  • You may not host or distribute links to ROMS, warez, or things of the sort. These are illegal plain and simple. Companies loose millions a year due to people illegally downloading their games. We will not have a part in this.
  • A forum is not a website. A chatroom is not a website. These are great additions to a website and we encourage every webmaster who can to make use of them, however they simply don't cut what we are looking for standing alone. For these, consider our links section.

If you do not meet these requirements you may submit your website to our Links section as a registered member. We will not enforce this, however if you place your link in the links section we do find it nice for you to link back to us. Your link will require a staff member's approval before becoming public.

All requests for affiliation can be sent to the webmaster via the form below. We will get back to you within 48 hours. Once affiliated or linked, you may use any of the images below to link to us or a text link, whichever works best for your layout. If using the image please download to your computer then upload to your website. We won't take your bandwidth, so don't take ours :).

Note for Affiliates:
If we find that your site is offline for a period of more than two months without some form of notification or displayed reason, we will need to remove you from the affiliates list.  It serves no purpose to link to a blank page :).

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