The Legend of Zelda Sages - Contest Rules

PLEASE NOTE: The contest is no longer running. A winner was declared!
Contest Rules
The Legend of Zelda Sages, created by Webmaster Bob, contains a contest element for those that complete the game's sidequest fully. Full completion of the sidequest corresponds to the player's ability to reach the bonus world which is defined as the area of the game containing all member NPCs that appear in the game.  For the purpose of keeping ourselves out of court, the following rules and regulations are set forth for this contest.
1. Purpose:
The purpose of this contest is to reward an outstanding player of The Legend of Zelda Sages game with a prize (see prize section below).  The contest is no more than an additional incentive to pursue the entirety of the game.
2. How to Enter:
Any individual age 13 or older is permitted to enter the contest.  Entering the contest is defined by solving an in-game puzzle inside the above mentioned bonus world.  The successful entry is an individual who can use the clues provided to discover the exact web address and password of a secret page on the Zelda Sages website.  Entry closes after verification an individual achieved the correct answer is received.
3. Choosing a Winner
A winner is chosen via recipient of being the first individual to submit a correct answer at the correct location given the contents of the in-game puzzle.  If two individuals happen to submit the correct answer at the same time, to the second, a winner will be chosen at random from the individuals submitting the correct answer at the same time.  If an individual submits an incorrect answer they will have two (2) more chances to submit a correct answer.  After failure to submit the correct answer a third time the individual will be disqualified from the contest.  
4. Prize:
The winner of this contest will receive a free Wii Shop title of their choice.  The approximate MSRB value of this prize is $15.
5. Other Notes:
Members of the Zelda Sages staff and game beta testers are not permitted to enter the contest for a prize.  They may enter the contest to see if they can come up with the correct answer, but they may not compete for a prize given their advantage over members who were not game beta testers (however the in-game puzzle was not set in place until the final version of the game was released).  Answer sharing and aid of any kind is not permitted!  The webmaster has the right, at their discretion, to cancel the contest at any time.  No one under the age of 13 may enter the contest.  If the winner is not a member of Zelda Sages (which is unlikely given only members may download the game) they will need to provide their birth date and a supporting document to verify accuracy.  Winners under the age of 18 must submit a signed letter from a parent or legal guardian permitting them to receive this prize.  Prize will be dispersed as a gift to an individuals Wii Shop account.  This contest is governed by the laws of the United States of America state of New Jersey.