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    First Message

    You made your first post. Congratulations!

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    Somebody Likes You

    Somebody out there liked one of your messages. Keep posting like that for more!

  3. 3

    Dawn of the Second Week

    You've been a member of the community for one week. Keep coming back for more!

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    Slightly Bigger Quiver

    You've posted 25 messages on the forums. Legal reasons prevent us from giving you a real quiver, but, enjoy!

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    I Like it Like That

    You've received at least 15 likes on your content. Keep posting great stuff!

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    Half n' Half

    You've posted 50 messages on the forums. Great work!

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    One Month Anniversary

    You've been a registered member of the community for one month. Happy anniversary! 5pts.

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    Heart Container

    Your content has been liked 50 times. You must be posting some fantastic stuff!

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    First Fan Submission

    You submitted fan work (a story, a piece of art, something) and had it posted on ZS. Nice work!

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    Breaking a Century

    You've posted 100 messages on the forums. You're finally chilling with the big boys now!

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    Like-O-Nater 1000

    Your content has been liked 1,000 times! Something tells us you're bribing folks to like your stuff.

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    The Quill and Ink

    You've submitted 10 successful fan fictions. Keep up the great writing!

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    The Brush of Ages

    You've submitted 15 successful pieces of fan art. They say drawing is good for the soul.

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    New Fangled Whatsawhosit

    You've submitted 10 successful pieces of fan work other than art and fiction. Careful with that new technology now, you hear!

  15. 45

    I am the Champion!

    You did it! You won the Mute Trivia competition. Although your rank will eventually go away, this trophy will remain in your heart forever.

  16. 50

    Hylian Pioneer

    This trophy was awarded to all Pre-2013 Zelda Sages members. Not only are they totally awesome, they have this nifty trophy to show for it.

  17. 250

    Medal of Honor

    Well, you're probably not sure what you did. To be honest, we're not either. You did something that caught the attention of the webmaster, in a good way. Maybe it was consistently helping others out, posting a huge quantity of quality fan work, going above and beyond the call of duty. Whatever it was, you're now the proud owner of this very rare trophy!