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Awesome Skyward Sword Art

Published: March 10, 2012 By webmasterbob | Comments (1)
I was just searching around the web today and I found a really amazing piece of Skyward Sword artwork.  The artist is L-DAWB from Devontart, depicting a fantastic mirror of Skyward Sword's lore, similar in design to the 25 yea Zelda graphic we linked to a while back.  I don't want to post the image directly on ZS for reasons of copyright / the image contains a pretty substantial spoiler about Zelda from the game.  However, be sure to go to this page and check it out.  It is truly fantastic!

Zelda, Outsourced?

Published: March 1, 2012 By webmasterbob | Comments (1)

Yesterday, IGN posted an interesting article relating to an interview they held with Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma.  Aonuma expanded on Mr. Miyamoto's comments from last year concerning partnerships with the development of a new Legend of Zelda game.  He mentions that even with the most recent title, Skyward Sword, Nintendo has used outside resources to help achieve better game results.  He comments specifically that, for the next home console Legend of Zelda, Nintendo is seeking outside resources to develop very time-consuming components of the project, namely graphics.  Although it is unclear if there is such a partnership with, say, second party developer Retro Studios, it's certainly an interesting possibility.  You can check out the full article here.

So, what do you all think?  In the past, Nintendo has collaborated with a number of companies, including Capcom, to help develop the Legend of elda series.  Would you like to see a second party developer, like Retro Studios, or another company have any large influence on the next home console Legend of Zelda game?

Nintendo Announces Last Story and More for Wii and 3DS

Published: February 22, 2012 By webmasterbob | Comments (2)

For the longest time, folks have pestered Nintendo of American to find a way to release "Last Story", the critically acclaimed RPG from the creator of Final Fantasy, in the US. Today, Reggie announced, among other things, that Last Story will makes its way to the USA. Very exciting news! Just as well, more information on a number of upcoming games can be found in the new Nintendo Direct video below. On a side note, Nintendo really improved the video quality over the Nintendo Direct released this past November, so do enjoy.

2D Zelda and Skyward Updates

Published: February 5, 2012 By webmasterbob | Comments (0)

First, I'd like to divert your collective attention to a great article from IGN that evaluates the need for a new 2D style Zelda game.  The article can be found here.  Audrey Drake does a very thorough job arguing the need for Zelda to explore this area of its roots again.  Personally, I'd love to see another true 2D-like Zelda, but the reality remains to be seen.  We do know Nintendo is working on a new Zelda title for the 3DS, and we likely won't know more until E3 this June.

In other news, yes, we're still working on the site redesign.  We have most of the core site components done, and currently we're concentrating on walkthrough specific style properties.  In the past, we have only linked to full walkthroughs of Legend of Zelda games after receiving permission from the walkthrough author.  Beginning with Skyward Sword, and launching with our new site design, we're taking a very different approach to walkthroughs than just about any other Legend of Zelda site on the net.  I can't disclose what exactly that is here, but rest assured, it's going to be awesome!


Nintendo 25,000 Fans for 25 years

Published: January 10, 2012 By webmasterbob | Comments (0)
For those of you that don't know, which I assume is a significant number, Nintendo is holding a contest titled 25,000 Fans for 25 Years of The Legend of Zelda.  Participation in the contest allows you to upload one photo of yourself to be used in a Legend of Zelda 25th anniversary mosaic to be displayed at the Nintendo World Store in New York City.  Participation also enters you for a chance to win replicas of the Master Sword and Hylian Shield!  The contest is open to fans of Nintendo's page on Facebook.  Click here for a direct link to the competition page, and sign the pledge!  Best of luck everyone.

Happy New Year

Published: January 2, 2012 By webmasterbob | Comments (0)

By this point, it's safe to say the new year has reached most parts of the world!  2011 was a fantastic year for The Legend of Zelda and a very fitting 25th anniversary year!  Now, as we look forward to 2012, and many more years after 2012, (silly conspiracy theorists) get ready to see more coverage of all things Zelda here at Zelda Sages.

On another, brief, update.  That new site, yea, we're still working on it.  Yes, we wanted up up a month ago, and yes, we said there shouldn't be any more delays.  Don't worry though, it's all to make sure the new site will work in your browser!  That, and we're changing a few things here and there to allow for better flow.  I promise you, we are actively working, just ask Dakare!  At either rate, have a very happy new year, and we'll be certain to update you all on the status of the new site as soon as possible.

The Minish Cap on Nintendo 3DS

Published: December 14, 2011 By webmasterbob | Comments (2)

For all of you that purchased a 3DS before the price drop and signed up for the Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Program, Nintendo just announced the GameBoy Advance games that will be released before the end of this year for all members of the program. The Legend of Zelda: THe Minish Cap is one of them! Personally, I'm absolutely thrilled that Minish Cap is being released. Disappointed that I no longer have a GBA slot of play Minish Cap, this will be a great addition, in my opinion. For those who never got the chance to play Minish Cap, it's a really fantastic game! Nintendo made my day!

It must be noted this is 100% confirmed only for Japan.  However, it's unlikely Minish Cap will not make its way to North America, Europe, and Australia given the Zelda 25 celebration.

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