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Miyamoto, Retiring

Published: December 8, 2011 By webmasterbob | Updated: December 8, 2011 | Comments (2)

It has been confirmed by Nintendo of Japan that Miyamoto will NOT be retiring from his roles as head of EAD.  He is only scaling back what he works on, and trying to set things up for the day he does leave Nintendo.  He will also continue to work on big Nintendo games, such as Mario, Zelda,etc.


OK, that title was a bit misleading.  Famed developer and creator of the Legend of Zelda series Shigeru Miyamoto has declared that he will no longer actively be involved in the development of Nintendo's big-name franchises, many of which he created.  Instead, the 59 year old Miyamoto states:

“Inside our office, I’ve been recently declaring, ‘I’m going to retire, I’m going to retire,’” Miyamoto said through his interpreter. “I’m not saying that I’m going to retire from game development altogether. What I mean by retiring is, retiring from my current position.”

“What I really want to do is be in the forefront of game development once again myself,” Miyamoto said. “Probably working on a smaller project with even younger developers. Or I might be interested in making something that I can make myself, by myself. Something really small.”

It seems Miyamoto wants to both rejoin the ranks of active developers, something he has not done since the 1990s, while at the same time training Nintendo's younger talent to take the reins when his real retirement day approaches.  Needless to say, Miyamoto won't be around forever, and it's great to see he has a plan in place to see to it that Nintendo can continue to remain well ahead of the pack in gameplay design.  Personally, I doubt he's going to completely stop support the development of Mario, Zelda, etc in some capacity, but likely far more as an occasional advisory role as opposed to day to day advising.

Source: Wired

Skyrim vs Skyward Sword: Vote for Victory!

Published: December 2, 2011 By webmasterbob | Comments (1)

Over the last couple of months most of you have likely heard about the, previously, non-existent contest between Skyrim and Skyward Sword.  Both are, in the opinion of gamers around the world, absolutely fantastic games.  However, G$TV has pit them one against the other in what I assume is the semi-finals for the G4TV Game of the Year Award.  Seeing as this is a Legend of Zelda fansite, we encourage each of you to go to G4 and vote for Skyward Sword!  The Zelda community has really been supporting Skyward Sword throughout the match.  G4 has even tried to skew the results.  Just look at this description:

"In this battle of swords and styles, the light-as-air Zelda takes on serious-as-Game of Thrones RPG Skyrim. Which do you prefer, reader? Make your voice heard by voting!"

Don't let this bias nonsense get in the way.  Do you patriotic duty to Hyrule, get out there, and kick some ass!  Vote Zelda 2011.

On a side note, remember that SpikeTV's award voting is still open.  You can vote once a day, so be sure to go to SpikeTV and vote for Skyward Sword GOTY.

Jobs at Zelda Sages, Preparing for New Site

Published: December 2, 2011 By webmasterbob | Comments (0)

Hello to all!  I'm happy to announce today that we have now two positions open for Zelda Sages staff, both writing staff positions. To apply, you must be at least 14 years old, and, well, enjoy playing Zelda. We have a number of applicants from the position a few months back, but we are considering bringing on two more writers as opposed to just one more. Heads up, we're going to have some major guide overhauls, so if you get the position you will be expected to write guides as well as the standard news, editorials, etc. Head over to the staff form to submit your application now!

On another subject, we are getting closer and closer to launching the brand new Zelda Sages! I know I said it would be up by, well, now, but I decided to add a few more extras as opposed to just rushing it out (had to fix some bugs). Dane and I have been diligently working to get the design just right as well. What we're looking at as far as time at this point is another week or two to finish up the additional crafting, and a week to run debug tests and crash tests. Because we're ditching the vBulletin forum software, I'm going to need to invest significant time getting everything ported over to our new software (and getting everything to work). Unless we hit some crazy delays, the new ZS will be up before Christmas. More information on downtime will come as we move closer to the upgrade, but in the meantime you can check out some of what will be new for ZS here.

Hope you're all enjoying Skyward Sword!

IGN Posts Second Opinions on Skyward Sword

Published: December 1, 2011 By webmasterbob | Comments (0)
IGN has recently posted a series of opinions from other editors on the IGN staff.  There's some really great stuff in here, and, from all except one member of staff, the opinion is pretty darn great for Skyward Sword.  Be sure to stop in and take a look at their article.

Keep Up for Skyward Sword

Published: November 28, 2011 By webmasterbob | Comments (0)

I know you're all playing Skyward Sword at the present, but please be sure to vote for Skyward Sword for the G4TV 2011 Game of the Year.  Right now, it's in a pretty heated batle with Batman, which is going to be pretty difficult to overcome.  Let's do all we can to give Skyward Sword a chance to come out on top.


New Staff Member & Continue Voting

Published: November 24, 2011 By webmasterbob | Comments (1)

Today I'd like to announces that Anna (Princess) has joined the Zelda Sages staff as a writer!  She is one of a few people that we will be taking on board in the next few weeks as we prepare to launch the new, much mproved, Zelda Sages experience.  Anna's first job will be putting together guides for Skyward Sword.  She, like the rest of you, is likely pretty involved in Skyward Sword at the moment, but any words of encouragement you could give her would be fantastic.

Also, fantastic news, Skyward Sword beat out Uncharted 3 in Round 1 of G4TV's 2011 Reader Game of the Year vote!  Great work to everyone who voted.  Now, round two is open, so be sure to get in and vote for Skyward Sword.  Not much to worry about this time (SS leading 80% to 20% at the time of this posting), but get out there and vote nonetheless.  Also, remember that you can continue to vote once a day in the Spike TV awards for Skyward Sword.


Vote for Skyward Sword!

Published: November 20, 2011 By webmasterbob | Comments (0)

Everyone that has yet to do so, head over to G4TV's website and vote for Skyward Sword for Game of 2011!  Right now, we're in a cloes match-up with Uncharted 3.  Be sure to head over and tilt the scales in Skyward Sword's favor!  No need to even register, you can connect with your facebook account and vote straight away. 

Also, remember to vote in Spike TV's game of the year contest.  No need to register, just go and vote! You can vote once a day on the SpikeTV vote.

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