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Published: November 7, 2007 By webmasterbob | Comments (10)
One of the biggest goals for Zelda Sages in 2007 was to get a chatroom up and running.  Back in March we ran a two week test run of a chat program with Zelda Sages with nothing but positive results.  I'm certain all of you have read the news of requesting donations and the such by now as well.  So, I am proud to announce that today at this very moment Zelda Sages has officially launched the Zelda Sages Chatroom!  The chatroom is open to all registered users, you will need to use your Zelda Sages account name and password to log in.  Remember whilst in the chatroom that you must continue to follow all the rules outlined in the site TOS.  We have a few plans in store for the chatroom in the near future as well, so be on the lookout  Now, enough of my rambling, start chatting!

In addition, I would like to thank everyone who donated to Zelda Sages to make this chatroom possible.  I'll be putting each of you onto a special page which will launch shortly :).


  1.  Zerg006 |  November 7, 2007


  2.  animaldude |  November 7, 2007

    w00t... I contributed :)
    for soe reason it's taking an hour to load...

  3.  Zerg006 |  November 7, 2007

    So did I. The last $65 were from me

  4.  Dakare |  November 7, 2007

    I gave $5..... In quarters.

  5.  animaldude |  November 7, 2007

    Holy crap... awesome! THANK YOU ZERG!!!! I contributed $30

  6.  Zerg006 |  November 7, 2007

    No problem. I saw that the bar wasn't going up AT all, so I figured I might as well finish it

  7.  UltimaLink007 |  November 7, 2007

    I'll give Bob money anyway, because I was still deciding, and now everyone's making me feel like crap about it...>_>

  8.  Linkman |  November 7, 2007

    Hehe, I sent a bit. Awesome chatroom! Just got done talking with Bob about life :).

  9.  Slyguy46 |  November 7, 2007

    I knew there was something I forgot to do ... I was gonna send in a little money, but I forgot.

    Sorry. :(

  10.  yoyolll |  November 8, 2007

    I had four bucks on me the day I offered to donate. Even if Bob had accepted, I needed that money for food.

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