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Published: January 17, 2013 By webmasterbob | Comments (2)

Please take note of the dates in this article. The time has come to start porting Zelda Sages to the new structure. Certain Zelda Sages features will be unavailable during the proccess. Click the read more link to see more of what's to come.

We will need to move Zelda Sages in two phases.

  1. Forum Phase: The forum will be LOCKED. Registration will be closed, no new posts/threads can be created, etc. You will still be able to read the forums, post comments on the ZS website, and send PMs. However, any PMs you send and ANY changes you make to your profile after the forum is locked WILL BE LOST.We will be porting our entire database into a new membership/forum software, and once we export our current membership database changes will no longer be possible. It is anticipated that that phase will last about 12-24 hours depending on a myriad of factors.
  2. Site Phase: Zelda Sages will be locked and password protected. You will be able to visit Zelda Sages to read the forum archive only. This is the most work-intensive portion of the move because just about everything needs to be reorganized site-wide. We will do our best to finish this portion as quickly as possible, but we can not make a 100% firm timeframe. The esimate is 72 hours. 

The transition will begin on January 25, 2013. We will, of course, do our best to ensure that all content is moved safely. If you hav any questions, feel free to ask.

We're excited, and we hope you are as well!


  1.  Linkman |  January 19, 2013

    Is it a secret what it all looks like? I'm excited to see everything though, It will be nice to have a change of face.

  2.  ZeldaGuardian |  January 19, 2013

    Much change is going to appear throughout 2013... However, no one ever said that change was bad. We shall just see what this new change here at ZS has in-store for us.

    ~The Great Sage, ZeldaGuardian~

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