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Published: October 21, 2007 By webmasterbob | Comments (13)

Well, despite the fact our Phantom Hourglass section is taking a bit of time we were able to throw together a few things for you all. The first noticeable difference to Zelda Sages is the fact that we've replaced the site banner. Now, before the praise comes in I must say that I deserve very little credit for the banner. The banner is the fine work of Amy from one of our affiliates Forsaken Legend, really all I did was move a few things around. My thanks goes to Amy for her wonderful work! If you can not see the new banner use the ctrl + F5 refresh method to reload your browsers cache for Zelda Sages.

The next change, we've implemented a Fan Fiction section! After several months of putting it off, I've finally decided to put forth the effort to build it. This system is based entirely off of our articles system so you should find it very user-friendly. You will not be given the same rich-text editor we use, mainly because the CMS we use does not include a frontend rich text editor, although your space formatting and things of the sort will all transfer over properly. We will also do a bit of touch-up work prior to making your story live. So, be certain to send in your stories.

On a final note, we have only $65 left to go in our quest for a chatroom! Every donation really does count after all. :)

Edit:  In response to a few comments on boldness, I've also updated our menu images.  I've taken a neat little trick I've learned from the banner's PSD file and my rediscovery on how to create light rays to make a much bolder separator.  Be sure to voice your opinion on that too.  (Fear not, if you dislike the new separator I can put the old one back :)).



  1.  Linkman |  October 21, 2007

    Wow, I noticed the banner and thought *..WOW* :). That's really awesome about fan fiction to. I was really wondering when that would finally spring up.

  2.  Dakare |  October 21, 2007

    Yeah, I really like the new banner more than I liked the old one (no offense, bob, but it looked kinda cheesy).

  3.  webmasterbob |  October 21, 2007

    What, mocking my work?!?!?! Haha, just kidding :). My creative mind stops at my ability to create art, if that makes sense. I hope you've all noticed I can make really awesome gradients though :p

  4.  Liriano |  October 21, 2007

    I liked the original banner the best. The yellow one. I don't know why. Maybe because it was the first one I saw. But this ones definitely better than the last one, sorry Bob :p.

  5.  animaldude |  October 22, 2007

    Yeah, I really liked the green site format... You should have an option to use that skin :)
    I agree about this one being better than the last.

  6.  webmasterbob |  October 22, 2007

    To animaldude:
    You have no idea how badly I want to be able to do this. When we did not use a CMS I coded a javascript file that could be used to switch skins, as you probably remember. A skin switcher would need to be a plugin that could work with our CMS, for which there is at the time none...

  7.  yoyolll |  October 22, 2007

    It's all white and wintery. Maybe you should change it during the four seasons?

  8.  animaldude |  October 22, 2007

    I agree with Yoyoll, that sounds like a very good idea.
    I like the separator.

  9.  UltimaLink007 |  October 22, 2007

    That would be cool. Like maybe a reddish orange for autumn, a green + light blue for spring, and a yellowy one for summer...

    Anyway, love the new banner Bob, and as soon as I finish work of my own, I'll get back to work on "that." ;)

  10.  Slyguy46 |  October 22, 2007

    Sweet New Banner. Love the artwork, and I agree with yoyoll about seasonal changes. Everything looks awesome.

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