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Zelda Sages General Site Updates

Published: November 7, 2011 By webmasterbob | Comments (0)

There are a number of changes coming to Zelda Sages in the next few weeks, most of which should be pretty darn exciting! After years of on and off work, I am proud to say that we are going to, finally, be implementing a huge reworking of Zelda Sages! For more information on what this all means, and what this will mean for you, please look inside.


I'll just go about listing everything in order:

1. There will be advertisements: As a matter of fact, in-text ads should be appearing about a day after this article. I've never wanted to resort to ads in the past, but the cost of maintaining Zelda Sages has gone up in recent years which necessitates advertisements. For the time being, ads will only be appearing on the main website and not the forum. After we launch the new version of Zelda Sages, ads will be, well, everywhere. I promise I'm going to keep advertisements as minimal as I can, and even so there will be a system in place to get rid of advertisements. I will give more details on that once the new version of ZS launches.

2. A fresh, new, modern look: Sick and tired of this style? Don't worry, your prayers have been answered! We are finishing development on a brand new style that is sure to please! We've focused on making ZS much easier to navigate and much more intuitive to visitors. Not everyone that visits Zelda Sages has been a gamer all their life, and we've taken this into consideration when developing the new style.

3. Completely Revamped Forum and Membership: I'll be honest, the community hasn't exactly been going all that well since about the end of 2010. We intend to correct that by completely changing our approach to the community. I don't want to spoil anything about that in this article, but we believe you will find your time at Zelda Sages much more enjoyable and a lot more fun! Also, as a sign of good will, we will be purging all non-serious infractions from accounts! Your account will update to reflect this after we launch.

4. Overall, Just Plain Shiny!: We need to leave something for after the event! Needless to say, you'll like what you see.

As far as current members, you won't need to worry about all the work you've done on Zelda Sages. Assuming the server cooperates, you will not be asked to change your password. However, if you are using a default Zelda Sages avatar, you will lose your avatar. If you have uploaded a custom avatar, your avatar will transfer as per normal. With the New ZS, we will not longer be supplying default avatars. Instead, everyone will be able to upload their own custom avatar. Your PMs will transfer, but they're going to be in a different form than what you are used to. I highly recommend deleting any PMs that you don't really want to save.

That's all for now. More information on downtime and the transfer will appear in the next week or so. Time to get excited! As always, keep checking back for important updates on Skyward Sword, Nintendo, etc.



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