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Welcome to the New Zelda Sages

Published: January 31, 2013 By webmasterbob | Comments (6)

Welcome to the new Zelda Sages! Years of work had a purpose after all!

Before we get into too many celebrations, I really need to send a big public thank you to Dane, "Stealthylight". Dane created many of the amazing new design elements you see around you, and it goes without saying he did a great job! We will have additional work to do setting up the style, but we wanted to ensure you were all 1) not separated from ZS for too long, and 2) got a chance to see his awesome work!

You're going to see a lot of great things from Zelda Sages over the next few weeks. Be sure to stay on the lookout, and be sure to check out our brand new forums!

If you see anything really out of the norm, please alert us as soon as you can! This was a lot of work, and involved a significant amount of database work, so if something is wrong we will work to fix it ASAP.


  1.  Linkman |  February 5, 2013


    This all looks awesome! Nice work!

  2.  Lt_Justin |  February 5, 2013

    Good work, sir!

    I like how I can make my comments BOLD NOW! HAHAHAHAHA!

  3.  webmasterbob |  February 5, 2013


    On that note, just fixed a comment permission error. You should all be able to post comments wherever now. Thanks, Linkman!

  4.  ZeldaGuardian |  February 5, 2013


    I like the newest outlook here, on ZS. Years of work being put into building a new-site and it all came down to this amazing appearance. Now, question...

    You've done the impossible on successfully giving ZS a new face-lift... When it comes time again, how are you going to top it?? *holds mic in front of you*

  5.  webmasterbob |  February 5, 2013

    We have plans for the next few weeks, rolling out a few neat things, and we're going to more formally announce our re-organization to registered members via email after a few kinks are worked out. Stay on the lookout!

  6.  ZeldaGuardian |  February 5, 2013

    *pulls back the mic* Well, you heard it here, ZS Fans. Webmasterbob mentioned that more is coming... He was quoted here by saying: "Stay on the lookout!" Soo, don't forget to come back often... More news about the new features as they develop.

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