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January 2007 Mailbag

Welcome to the first addition to the Zelda Sages Mailbag! We've been collecting questions for some time, and now we're ready to throw out our first mailbag! This edition of the mailbag is being answered by none other than our own webmaster, Webmaster Bob.


Capt. Zeroth asks:
Bob, what is your preference: The Final Fantasy series or the Pokemon games for the Game Boy?

Bob Answers:
That's actually a hard question. Both series have their good and bad points. I find as something to just pick up and play, Pokemon provides a smoother experiance. Final Fantasy is great when you have a good amount of time to dedicate to. On the level of which game I would have to live with forever, I would take Final Fantasy.


animaldude asks:
What are your thoughts on the lack of voice acting in twighlight princess?

Bob answers:
I really don't see this as much of a problem. It would have been nice to hear some of the major characters such as Midna speak during cutscenes, however it was not needed. I am a firm beleiver that Link should always remain silent. As for others, I was not expecting this is Twilight Princess. I wil say that I will be looking for this in the next Wii installment of the series.


Dakare asks:
When will the encyclopedia be up? I really want to look up some Zelda events and terms.

Bob answers:
We are working on this right now. Needless to say, when it's here, you'll all love it. The encyclopedia does take a good deal of work and as such takes time, although we are expecting the reveal a fe w major details in a few short weeks.


animaldude asks:
Do you guys think the Phantom Hourglass will become a succesful DS game?

Bob answers:
We really can't take a guess as of yet. Being that so few people have played the game, and Nintendo has been very hush about it, we're not too sure right now. As long as the touch controls do not become gimickey, I see no real reasons for Phantom Hourglass not to excel. Of course, we have to look into story, sound, an d several other factors. Out of what we have seen thus far, I can say the game looks to provide a fun experiance. Only time can really tell what will happen with Phantom Hourglass. Heck, maybe Nintendo will release a bit more information soon and I can have something to write up.


Linkman asks:
What do you think of the Wii luanch overall?

Bob Answers:
I see the Wii launch as a general success. If anything could have gone a bit smoother, it would have been the supply of the nunchuck attatchment. I can't name one store where I found the darn thing. Otherwise, I have nothing but positives. What else could have been better the a launch with Twilight Princess? *Well, maybe a launch with Twilight Princess and Galaxy, but I'm happy with what I got.*


animaldude asks:
What color socks does Bob wear?

Bob answers:
Well, that's an odd question. I wear whit e socks with casual and black with dress. I'm not very picky about colors.


There's the end of our first mailbag! Many questions were omited simply as they no longer had relevance. Remember to submit your questions so we can contunue to publish our insanity.

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