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June 2007 Mailbag

Ah yes, another exciting edition of the Zelda Sages Mailbag! This time of course, we're answering every question sent in during the month of June. A great deal has happened at Zelda Sages over this last month, especially now that I'm a one-man webmaster. Well, not really, I have everyone else, although Versac and Lt_Justin are on vacation, so actually I guess it's just Windmage, IHeartNJ, :). Well, what am I rambling for, I guess I should start answering questions before someone throw a brick at my head.


Yoyoll asks:
What kind of music does the staff listen to (please list some bands, groups, solo artists etc)?

Bob answers:
Well, Windmage really just picks up on things he enjoys, so no specifics for him :). Lt_Justin enjoys classic rock, singer like Meatloaf, etc. Versac and I both enjoy classical music, myself enjoying Bach. As for IHeartNJ, rap, Kanye West's Gold Digger comes to mind whenever I think of her. We're an odd crowd, I'll admit that.


animaldude asks:
In the previous mailbag, "Kelso asks: Alright, I've got a good question for ya. Why do you guys require registration before I can download anything other than walkthroughs? Is it some evil plot to enslave the Internet users of the world under your dark rule?" You answered that this was the oddest question you had ever received. Well I have another odd question. Is this the oddest question you've ever received?

Bob answers:
By this, do you mean the previous question in which Kelso asked about our download policy, or are you stating that your newer question asking if asking if you submitted the oddest question being the question of asking if this statement were an odd question? Well, rather than running off another mouthful, probably run-on sentence...I'll just say sure.


Linkman asks:
Er...when I click on a walkthrough to download it, I get this error that the walkthrough section is currently offline. Out of curiosity, what is this for, and when will they be up again?

Bob answers:
We are doing some internal work with our walkthroughs section. We found a few complications and are working to correct them. They will be back by weeks end.


UltimaLink007 asks:
Bob, what is your opinion on TCGs? (i.e. Do you like/dislike, stuff like that)

Bob answers:
Well, not really. When I was younger I was really into Pokemon and collected and played with Pokemon cards. Actually, I have a giant blue folder full of first edition Pokemon cards, which I could probably sell on Ebay and get a chatroom for ZS running ;). Other than that, I'm really not that into them. It's funny, I had to look up what TCGs meant prior to responding to this question, lets just say I found some.,...interesting results on google.


Kelso asks:
Well, you answered my last question, so I've got another one for ya.  Ok, this has really been annoying the heck out of me for years, but I really gota ask it.  What is the meaning of life?

Bob answers:


Lt_Justin asks:
Yea, I know, writing to the mailbag.  Anyway though, are we staff members ever going to be paid?

Bob answers:
No, never, all volunteer,  You are all paid by being able to make the members' lives miserable :).


Well, that's all we have for this past month.  Be sure to send in your questions for the July mailbag which will be published early August.  I hope everyone is enjoying the summer as much as I am *beach, boardwalk, oddball mischief, all in good fun :)*.

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