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March 2008 Mailbag

After many months of a lack of mailbag we're back and ready for action! We've had to filter few many of the questions we've received, mainly as they would no longer be applicable to use, though we were able to keep many of your questions. So, without further adue, time to start off the first mailbag of 2008!

animaldude asks:
The Wii has been accused of not reaching out to the hardcore gamer enough. Do you believe this is true?

Bob answers:
To a certain extent, yes; to another, no. Over the past year or so we've seen a good number of games the hardcore audience can enjoy such as MP3, Twilight Princess, No More Heros, etc. However, I would agree that it seems Nintendo is concentrating a great of effort to bring in non-hardcore gamers. I mean, when you see three version of Wii-Sportlike games released in such a short period of time, it gets you thinking. However, they have certainly not forgotten about the hardcore *can anyone say Smash Brothers Brawl :)*.

Dakare asks:
Do you ever get annoyed at a member by the way they act and talk about themselves? Kinda like getting a bad vibe from them?

Bob answers:
Sometimes, yes. I won't point out any specific members of our community for obvious reasons, although there are some people that whenever they seem to talk, blood oozes from my brain in anguish.


UltimaLink007 asks:
How much progress has been made in the "Legend of ZeldaSages" game you are making, and when may we hopefully expect the full version to be released for all of the site members to enjoy?

Bob answers:
As of right now everything but the final level is complete. Sages in Training and Sages *hey, you're one of them :D* have been testing the game as each new area progresses. I plan on releasing a final beta version to the S.I.T.s and Sages sometime within the next three weeks or so. Right now, I'm trying to work out the bugs in the areas previous to the final area such as doors not opening when they need to, etc. I have completed the entirety of the final battle though which I'm certain everyone will get a kick out of...of course what haven't you guys gotten a kick out of yet, haha.

Linkman asks:
What would happen to ZS if Bob kicked the bucket?

Bob answers:
Well, the Co-Webmaster would take over. It would be just like when I take a vacation, except the change would be permanent. Of course, I'd rather not think about kicking the bucket; I should have a good many years left...or so I hope.

John R asks:
Hey Zelda Sages. You guys have an awesome site! Anyway, who is this guy ZeldaGuardian? I found a link when I Google searched you guys and all I see is some bad stuff. Was he banned or something?

Bob answers:
It's generally not our policy to reveal such information although I'll be cool for a day. ZeldaGuardian used to work at Zelda Sages as the Co-Webmaster *prior to Dan*. Essentially, it was brought to my attention he was doing a few very bad things and thus I had no choice but to let him go. I actually received a long document from a group of members with a list of complaints about him coupled with what he had done. t was a pretty bad situation that we like to keep in the past. If you see him pop up somewhere just look away, that's about all I can say.

TanXer asks:
What do you guys think of Brawl's delay?

Bob answers:
Well, it's a bit late for this one, but I can certainly say it was A-OK. Brawl is a truly amazing game and in my opinion was worth every extra day spent in development.

Dakare asks:
What new consoles do you want to see on the Virtual Console?

Bob answers:
I know it sounds odd, but I would love to see GameBoy releases. Seeing as the DS can only make use of GBA games, the older GameBoy games are left a bit out in the cold. If Nintendo did do this I would think it also in their best interest to sell a VC DS card to download purchased VC games to play on the go, but of course I have no control over what Nintendo does. Thus, we'll just have to hope.

Rob asks:
Why did you give Phantom Hourglass an A- rating!?!

Bob answers:
Zelda Sages is proud to have one of the best game rating criteria around. Game scores are determined by percentages, each category being assigned a specific percentage value. Here's the scorecard from Phantom Hourglass:



As you can see, what really brought PH down was the sound quality. I'm certain you'll agree with me in saying that while a good bit of the music is outstanding there are tracks *most notably the dungeon theme...the only dungeon theme* really throw it off. We're Zelda fanatics that want to see Nintendo to continue producing the best games in the best game series around. Without a bit of criticism here and there, one does not know how to improve.


Well, that's all for this month. Be sure to send in your questions via the form below. We welcome questions from anyone, even if you are not a member of Zelda Sages. So, send in those questions!

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