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May 2007 Mailbag

It's that time again for another edition of the ZS Mailbag, where all your odd questions get answered! This months questions actually extended from visitors outside of the community, but in either case we gladly answer their questions too :). So, I'll just stop rambling and get down to answering questions.

Yoyolll asks:
The members count at the site statistics on the bottom of the forum page say there are 108 members, yet there are only 59 on the members list. Please explain.

Bob answers:
The number you see on the member's list is made up of members whom have actually posted on the forums. If someone registered, confirmed their E-mail of course, and has never posted in the community forums, they do not appear in the members list. We do this mainly as there are many people whom register for Zelda Sages, although they are only interested in content rather than community, which is perfectly fine. When someone makes a post in the forums, they are taking part in the community, and will hence forth have their name on the member list for the community. I hope that explains it, some people like to be secluded after all.

Linkman asks:
How do you guys plan on making final battle movies for Phantom Hourglass and other GB Zelda games?

Bob answers:
Although I have yet to do so, these will be accomplished via the GC GameBoy Player. As for Phantom Hourglass, I'm not 100% sure how I will be able to film that other than off the DS screen. I'm really in hopes Nintendo will release some upgrade or component for Wii which will enable TV playback by release, but who knows what will happen.

Dr_JkRp asks:
I really like your game sections, they are straight and to the point with a little bit of information in-between. However, I've noticed the url structure is a bit weird. Like, for Majora's Mask main page you have and for the review of that game
Why not just use I know, it's nitpicky, but I'm a bit OCD with things like that.

Bob answers:
Thanks for the nice comment :). About a month ago we switched over to the new easier navigation links via a new options in the CMS which powers Zelda Sages. The pages used to have things like catagoryid?=454 as links rather than folder names. However, even when grouped under parent pages as we have our games sections, for some reason the CMS does not take that into account with new pages. Like you said, it's not a big deal, but I wanted it your way too ;).

Degreger asks:
Hey, I looked at your hidden skills guide, and I'm afraid I missed my chance to get the second hidden skill where you need to howl at that rock on Death Mountain. I can't transform into a wolf again, because I freed the area from twilight. Any ideas?

Bob answers:
I really don't want to say much, as what I say could spoil a rather important plot moment in the game, although rest assured no hidden skill chance is gone forever. I'm sure once you play through the next few dungeon's you will have a chance to go back and claim the skill.

Yoyoll asks:
Is it illegal to put Satanic messages or prayers in websites or is that considered worshipping God in your own way?

Bob answers:
Zelda Sages operates within the United States, therefore you are in a perfectly legal stance to state your beliefs. However, if you started a war of words, fighting, basically breaking the rules...then we'll have a problem ;).


Kelso asks:
Alright, I've got a good question for ya. Why do you guys require registration before I can download anything other than walkthroughs? Is it some evil plot to enslave the Internet users of the world under your dark rule?

Bob answers:
Well, that's certainly one of the oddest questions we've ever received. The reason we require registration is due to bandwidth issues. Some of the downloads, especially movies, are very large in file size and require a great deal of available bandwidth. So, we limit these downloads to registered users. Besides, I have no plans of ruling the Earth, that's Versac's job :).


Well, that's all for the month of May. Be sure to send in your questions for the June mailbag which will be published in early July!

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