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Welcome to the Mailbag section of Zelda Sages!  Each month we take the questions you ask, whatever they may be, and publish them here with answers.  Anyone can ask a question by submiting the form at the low end of the page.  Otherwise, take a look around at what we spend our lives looking forward to.


November 2008 Mailbag

Yes, after many moons and Andrew's lazy factor I've decided to make a small mailbag containing some of the literally hundreds of questions submitted over the last few months.  I'll skip the long speech and get right into the mailbag, wohoo!.

Yoyolll asks:
All of my suggestions, questions, concerns etc are completely ignored by the corrupted staff members who lied and cheated to get in power and don't listen to anyone but other staff who also don't help the average user at all because they have power too and don't understand or make our suggestions questions concerns etc. If you choose to get your fat **** off your throne and answer this question, what should I do?

Bob answers:
We have a suggestions and feedback forum where suggestions can be openly discussed between members and staff members.  Staff members will generally ignore your feedback because, truth be told, they have very little power in actually editing Zelda Sages.  Normal staff member can moderate and create articles.  In addition, they can edit pages on the main website that are checked out to them (like this mailbag page is a globally checked out page so any staff member can edit it).  A majority of the suggestions require an administrator or in many cases me to do the dirty work, and if I never get the message nor can see what you suggested I just can't do it :).


Ides of March asks:
Why does the chat always lie to me about the number of people who are in the room?

Bob answers:
The plugin we use to show the number of chatters is only updated during one of three instances:

  1. 5 minutes passes and a cron script automatically updates the number in the database
  2. Someone logs into the chatroom (not logout because a new page is not loaded upon logout)
  3. Someone loads the "Who's Chatting" page

Granted, I know this is a tad annoying so I'm going to do a bit of research to see if there's a way to rectify the issue.


UltimaLink007 asks:
Many of yoyolll's questions are a statement then a question asking what he can do about it. Is there anything I can do about this?

Bob Answers:
My suggestion, if you dislike such questions simply ignore him.  Actually, you seem to be playing the hypocrite today being you asked the same question format, unless of course that was meant to be a joke and I totally missed it...that happens quiet a lot.


Ides of March asks:
This is a question for Bob: Have you ever been swallowed by a llama?

Bob answers:
The short answer, no.  However, my uncle did live on a farm with a number of llamas for some time, and I had the pleasure if having a llama charge at me :).


Slyguy46 asks:
What games do the staff want to see in 2009? Particularly any hardcore games?

Bob answers:
FINALLY!  A REAL QUESTION!  We really want to see games which take advantage of the new Wii Motion Plus other than Wii Sports 2.  In addition, we're dying for another Legend of Zelda game!  I mean, seriously, look at the amount of news you've seen over the last year or so.  Zelda Sages relies on The Legend of Zelda series actually holding existence.  So, yes, as far as the Wii goes we really need to see a few more "real" hardcore games.


Zerg006 asks:
Do you think that sales for Quantum of Solace will be affected by Wrath of the Lich King being released one day before it?

Bob answers:
Well, it is a James Bond movie, and despite the somewhat poor reception it's currently doing rather well in the box office :).


Dakare asks:
If the Kool Aid guy broke through your wall and yelled "Oh, yeah!", what would you do?

Bob answers:
I would seriously beat him into a pulp (or in the case of Kool Aide a pile of sweet and tangy broken glass).  You know how much money it will end up costing me to repair that wall?  How about the psychological state of my family, how will I explain to them that giant glasses of fruit punch exist?  I just could not bear such a tragedy.


UltimaLink007 asks:
What effects can religion have on one's morals? Is being at least somewhat religious necessary to have good morals?

Bob answers:
Religion is one of the best supports for your moral values.  Not to pick out any in particular, but if you firmly believe that God says "No sex before marriage or you will rot in Hell" I'm fairly certain you're going to believe the gospel far more than your parents, friends, and relatives.  Ultimately though, the idea of "good morals" is a rather abstract term though I will assume you are referring to being nice to others, giving to charity, etc.  Ultimately, any individual's moral system comes down to what they perceive as "good morals".  For many, the moral system is exactly what we described.  For others, good morals can be so much as not shooting a member of your home gang.  It all comes down to perception.  So, is religion necessary, not necessary but it certainly does help mold an individual into a being considered in high moral standing by English society.


Windmage asks:
Why don't I ever get mail?

Bob answers:
It seems that no one loves you enough to send E-Mail :).


Linkman asks:
Will Nintendo announce a new freaking Zelda game already!?!

Bob answers:
Well, we feel the same way.  Really the best thing to do at this point is continue to sit back and wait. Of course, you can also go crazy and attack their corporate office thus forcing them to make another game, but that may get you arrested :).


Well, that's all for this month.  Maybe by December Andrew won't reachy a new level of lazy thus forcing me to fire him :).  In the meantime, to all have a grand day!

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