Fan Works - Where your art, music, stories, and...anything come

One of the greatest prides of any fan site is a collection of fan made work. So, here at Zelda Sages we don't want to make an exception to that rule! We are always happy to receive and display all your work. We accept any form of art, music, stories, whatever you can come up with that you want to display. Depending upon what you submit, we will place your work in a specific portion of the website where you will receive your own gallery!. Currently, we have the following fan workings on Zelda Sages:

NameFan ArtFan MediaFan Fiction
Guardian of IceYesNoneNone

How to Submit
Because of the nature of our CMS, we ask that you please register for a Zelda Sages Account before you send in fan work. This allows us both to properly credit you and properly comply with our content management system.

Fan Art:
Fan Art can be submited by logging in and filling out this form. The Zelda Sages staff will properly sort your image. You can also submit fan art by clicking the, "submit an image to this section" link on any fan section of our media gallery. If you have previously submited fan art, please navigate to your folder and click the submit to section link. This is not required, but it will save the staff a step when sorting your fan art.

Fan Fiction
Our fan fiction is currently undergoing backend work, so unfortunatly we do not have a function to allow non-staff to put fan fiction directly into the database. With that said, if you have fan fiction you would like to post please send a private conversation to webmasterbob and we will make sure it gets posted and properly credited to you!

Fan Media:
If you have a video, guide, or something of the sort that does not fall into either of the above two categories, we ask that you submit your work to our downloads database. To submit a file to the downloads database, fill out this form. Again, you must be registered and logged in to submit.