The Legend of Zelda

~ In a world of uncertainty, in a land distraught with evil, only one can save this land. Link, a young man of the time, wished to take upon a fatal task. For years the land of Hyrule was enslaved by a dark wizard Ganon whom held captive the beautiful Princess Zelda. Many have tried to take on Ganon although all were left to a dreadful fate. Link however rose above them all and saved Hyrule from the dark grip of Ganon.~

The Legend of Zelda was the first Zelda game released upon the world. It's NES debut sparked a large following being one of the first games to include a save feature and vast exploration. The game opened the path for a huge slew of new games. Many exploration games we see today would not exist without The Legend of Zelda. The game features nine dungeans, a vast Hyrule to explore, items and treasures to collect, and so much more. Truly, back in the 80s this was the game of choice among NES owners.

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Legend of Zelda

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