Site Staff - The Few, The Proud, The Awesome

What...people work here! That's right, Zelda Sages could not be what it is without a dedicated team of staff members to help run the show. Below is our master list of staff members. Staff members are listed with their jobs, names, and whatever else we thought to throw in for the road. Now that you know who these people are, thank them for making Zelda Sages so great next time you see them. We should also throw in they wrote their own biographys, just for the sake of your sanity. Interesting in joining the staff? Here's how !

Name : Bob
E-mail :
Forum Name : webmasterbob
Job : Webmaster, Founder, Owner, Writer
Joined Staff : Day 0
Bio : Bob, yes his name is really Bob, founded Zelda Sages as a small website on the now defunct Expage platform back in 2001 a few months after completing The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. It was Ocarina of Time that sparked his initial interest not only in The Legend of Zelda, but games in general (whether or not that was a good thing is still up for debate). Like many of you reading this, Bob has always had a very special place in his heart for The Legend of Zelda - even after his childhood years. Zelda Sages is a labor of love for Bob. Nevertheless, he lives an active, "real" life outside of Zelda Sages. He's worked in a number of capacities, most recently in several foreign affairs internships. Bob is also a community volunteer both through church work and serving as a BSA counselor. He is currently attending school to earn a BA in Political Science, and he will soon be attending graduate school for a Masters in Public Administration, MPA, with his sights set on working for the United States.

Name : DJ
E-mail :
Forum Name : Windmage
Job : Co-Webmaster, Writer
Joined Staff : April 2006
Bio : Windmage, irl name DJ, joined ZeldaSages back in April 2006 as a content writer after months of looking for a new forum home.  Covering once as a temporary Co-Webmaster in 2007, he eventually became the Co-Webmaster at...some point later?  According to the history page, this never happened! Just kidding, 2009.  He’s a benevolent being, so don’t be afraid to chat or ask for help with something! His favorite LoZ game is and has been since its release, Majora’s Mask.  In his time not occupied by ZeldaSages or anything Zelda related, he is a French and Political Science student somewhere in the domain of an Ice Witch Great Lakes region.  He is heavily involved in the LGBTQ movement and volunteers at a local elementary school, where he teaches French.  

Name : Mike
E-mail :
Forum Name : UltimaLink007
Job : Writer, Moderator
Joined Staff : November 2009
Bio : Mike joined ZeldaSages in October 2006 to support his friend Webmasterbob who sought to create an interactive forum where Zelda enthusiasts could chat, enjoy themselves, and of course, discuss Zelda. He served as an active member of the community and helped to keep it lively and enjoyable for others. Eventually, his life was steadily becoming busier and busier and as the forums slowed down, his presence waned, even following a promotion to Moderator after undergoing the Sage In Training process. Now he is back with a renewed fervor and is ready to serve ZeldaSages following the new site and forum transition, as it grows anew.

He currently attends college aiming for a degree in Secondary Education, specializing in Social Studies (History and Economics), and is in his Third Year. His gaming interests primarily include platformers and RPGs, but he plays a wide variety of games. Favorites include The World Ends With You, Super Smash Brothers Melee, League of Legends, the Ratchet and Clank series, and the Kingdom Hearts series.

Name : Dane
E-mail :
Forum Name : Stealthylight
Job : Writer, Moderator, Artist
Joined Staff : December 2009
Bio : Awaiting bio entry...

Name : Lucas
E-mail :
Forum Name : Dakare
Job : Writer, Moderator
Joined Staff : February 2013
Bio : Having known about Zelda Sages before Bob even started it, Dakare has had an on-again-off-again relationship with the site. He came aboard as the third admin when the forums first started, but after a disagreement with the webmaster, Dakare left for about a year. After coming back, he was an active member, and eventually SIT and the third Sage in the site’s history before joining the staff in February of 2013. He enjoys video games, especially RPG’s, adventure games, platformers, and sandbox games. He has played (and almost beaten) every Nintendo Zelda game, with his favorite being Majora’s Mask.