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Forum Ranks Explained

Discussion in 'Technical Issues' started by webmasterbob, Jan 26, 2013.

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  1. webmasterbob

    webmasterbob The Webmaster

    Ranks on Zelda Sages are designed to serve as an incentive to participate in both the Zelda Sages community and contribute positively to the website. Ranks are not just a reflection of how many posts you have, but rather a culmination of your participation on Zelda Sages. Ranks are determined by: Days Registered, Posts, Likes Received, Trophy Points.

    The Ranks

    NOTE: Unless you meet ALL REQUIREMENTS for a specific rank, you will not receive any associated permissions with that rank. However, if you have the required number of trophy points, your user title will appear as that rank. You will know you have received the group's permissions when your username color changes. For example: if you have the correct number of trophy points for the, "Groose" rank but you do not have the other requirements, you will have the Groose rank title but not the permissions associated with the rank.

    Deku Scrub - Start Rank
    All in-text advertisements are removed after registering. Commonly found in forest regions throughout Hyrule, these creatures burrow in the ground waiting for unsuspecting travelers.

    Moblin: 10 Trophy Points, 7 Days Registered, 15 Posts
    Can use a signature and edit own posts (within 48 hours). A minion of Ganon; these pig like creatures will attack Link with full brutal force.

    Octorock: 15 Trophy Points
    A large or small octopus like creature which spits rocks at unsuspecting passerby.

    Ganon: 20 Trophy Points
    The common bad guy, evil villain in Legend of Zelda games. His constant pursuit for absolute power drove him to become a pig-like beast that will stop at nothing to rule the world.

    Goron 40 Trophy Points, 45 Days Registered, 50 Posts, 25 Likes
    More conversation recipients, edit time restrictions removed. A large creature native to the mountainous regions of the world. They posses a number of unique adaptions, including the ability to curl into a rock-tough ball and roll away from their enemies.

    Kikiwi: 50 Trophy Points
    Native to the forest regions of Hyrule, these small penguin-like creatures aid Link in his quest.

    Epona: 60 Trophy Points
    Link often has a travel companion, but none have really stuck in the minds of long-time fans like Link's noble steed, Epona.

    Groose: 80 Trophy Points, 100 Days Registered, 400 Posts, 50 Likes
    Can upload attachments and use a custom rank title. Groose, a long time Link bully and Zelda stalker, grew up in Skyloft during the era of the Goddess. He is not, however, all that he seems.

    Loftwing: 100 Trophy Points
    A majestic bird used by citizens of Skyloft to travel above the clouds. The Loftwing also appears on the Hyrulian crest.

    Knight of Hyrule: 200 Trophy Points, 500 Likes, ,1,000 Posts, 300 Days Registered
    Can delete own posts, more conversation recipients. A royal knight of the Hyrulian family an honored and noble being.

    Special Ranks

    Trivia Champion
    The is a special rank held by the winner of a Zelda Sages trivia contest (generally held in the ZS chatroom). They hold this rank until a new winner is declared.

    Sage in Training:
    To become a Sage in Training you must be hand-selected by the staff and elected by your peers. As a Sage in Training you can post in a hidden board where new site innovations are discussed and receive special perks! SITs have all the rank permissions of a Knight of Hyrule with the added ability to delete their own threads.

    [​IMG] Sage:
    Sages are selected by the webmaster and are appointed to this position. Candidates are drawn from Sages in Training. Sages are moderators who are not staff members. They help moderate the board and other various parts of the site to keep everything stable. They are only appointed when there is a need for additional moderators.

    Staff Ranks

    New Zelda Sages Staff:
    New members of the Zelda Sages staff. These staff members are not yet tenured and do not fill a moderator function. They can, however, contribute articles to the site and create content in their specified area.

    [​IMG] Zelda Sages Staff:
    These are tenured members of the Zelda Sages staff. They are, in a sense, editors, writers, awesome people who showed their commitment to Zelda Sages. These staff members, in addition to their work on ZS, serve as forum moderators.

    [​IMG] Site Administrator:
    These are high ranking members among the staff who have the ability to manage all aspects of Zelda Sages.. They are primarily responsible for ensuring that Zelda Sages runs smoothly, managing the forums, checking out pages to staff, fixing accounts, etc.

    Note: The [​IMG] symbol designates a moderator. Forum administrators have this symbol and a red username.

    If you have any ideas and/or suggestions concerning the ranking system, feel free to post them in the suggestions forum. Every so often, we like to rename a few ranks to keep things interesting.
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