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Spread the site, man.

Discussion in 'Site Suggestions' started by yoyolll, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. yoyolll

    yoyolll Conspiracy Theorist

    There are millions of Zelda nerds out there and barely any of them know of this website. Put up like flyers but make sure you have virus protection and stuff just in case some freak that was fired from his position on a Zelda game designing company decides to hack your site.
  2. webmasterbob

    webmasterbob The Webmaster

    Er.... your second does not make much sense :p.

    To answer the first, that is what affiliation is for. We actually get a very high number of hits per day for a site that has only been fully established for a short period of time. We advertise at a normal pace ;).
  3. animaldude

    animaldude Loftwing

    If we get a donation thing on the site then some of the money can go to advertising...

    COMMERCIALS...lol that would be soo coool
  4. yoyolll

    yoyolll Conspiracy Theorist

    Commercials are way too expensive. You have to put up flyers or something.
  5. animaldude

    animaldude Loftwing

    ya, lol i was kidding but idont think anyone would pay attention to what a flyer says

    ithink internet advertising would be cool though. like ign and gamespot :d
    ya thats probably extremely expensive too but i can dream :)
  6. Windmage

    Windmage Co-Webmaster, Co-Conspirator

    not only do we need members, we need active ones!


    ive got a form of my advertising.....myspace bullitens...but none seem to be working....
  7. UltimaLink007

    UltimaLink007 Hope Never Dies

    Hmmm........we could leave it be and see how much it expands and how many people join in the near future, and then the mods can see what the pace of ZS's growth is, and make the executive decision of whether they need to advertise or not

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