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Suggestion for New Site

Discussion in 'Site Suggestions' started by Linkman, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Linkman

    Linkman Loftwing

    I don't know how far you all are with the new site and stuff, but I have a few ideas that I hope you can get in!
    1. Easier Navigation: It is a bit annoying to have to click a bunch of links to get to one thing I want. Are you going to make a quick way to get to stuff?
    2. Walkthroughs: The text walkthroughs are good, but I really think you guys would do better with walkthroughs laid out on your site, like what ZU and D do.
    3. Please, NO MORE BLUE! lol, OK, not really, but ZS is pretty darn blue right now.

    I rally feel like I should have posted this a while ago, and if you're really far along you probably can't do the last one if you didn't already.

    Oh yea, and Zelda smiles would be nice :).
  2. Princess

    Princess Epona

    Being like ZU, ZD, and ZI is boring. We're planning on doing something exactly like they do, but a tad different it sounds.

    I have not seen any live previews of the new site yet,but I am assuming it'll be changed to be able to go through the site quicker.
  3. webmasterbob

    webmasterbob The Webmaster

    Hi Linkman!

    Yes, as Anna said, we're not going to be doing "exactly" what all the other guys are doing. We are going to have certain elements that you'll find in those sites, and a lot of sites on the web today actually, but our goal is to improve on what we do, add more content, really get the community together again, and all the while still keep what makes Zelda Sages, well, Zelda Sages.

    I can confirm that both #1 and #3 were heard loud and clear from our survey about a year ago. We are going to have streamlined dropdown menu navigation to get just about anywhere you need to quickly and efficiently. Additionally, there's far less blue :). Dane and I have been working on the new style for a bit now, and I think you're going to be really surprised with what we've come up with.

    As for walkthroughs, we do have plans to improve their usefulness. I have a bit of an issue with major spoilers within walkthroughs, because it takes away a lot of the enjoyment of a game. Revamped walkthroughs won't be up immediately with the new version of ZS, but we are putting the pieces together to improve the experience.

    As for Zelda smiles, can't promise a huge set of them, but I'm working on a few Zelda-specific smiles to launch with the site.
  4. Dakare

    Dakare Deus Ex Machina

    I can vouch that the new site is going to be much better than the current. As Bob stated, there will be a LOT less blue. Not no blue, just less. The new forum system is great, and will really show you how much forum tech has changed in the last, oh, ten years or so. As for the walkthroughs, can't say much there. Bob told me his plan, but I haven't seen the execution (cause it hasn't been executed yet), and I'm pretty sure he doesn't want me telling you guys his plan just yet. But so far, so good.

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