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New Profile Posts

  1. ZeldaGuardian
    is ready to bring Zelda Sages back from the depths of darkness.
  2. ZeldaGuardian
    is ready for the Nintendo Switch and ready to answer the Breath of the Wild!!
  3. ZeldaGuardian
    is ready to help ZS come back.
  4. ZeldaGuardian
    knows that change is coming...
  5. ZeldaGuardian
    can feel the Breath of the Wild calling to him...
  6. ZeldaGuardian
    knows that Zelda Sages is simply a Victim of Changes.
  7. ZeldaGuardian
    says, "If Eternity Should Fail, then I shall travel at the Speed of Light to take command of the Empire of the Clouds."
  8. ZeldaGuardian
    is able to see that life still breathes through Zelda Sages.
  9. ZeldaGuardian
    went to the Renaissance Festival this past weekend and had the most relaxing weekend he could ever ask for.
  10. ZeldaGuardian
    is happy to fully be back online as an active member of ZS again. Brings back many memories.
  11. ZeldaGuardian
    wants to know how everyone is doing.
  12. ZeldaGuardian
    is ready to set sail on the Empire of the Clouds, only If Eternity Should Fail.
  13. ZeldaGuardian
    says, "I think everyone is sleeping in that Ember Gem behind the Temple Door..."
  14. Dakare
    Dakare Ides Of March
    T_T < That's me, since you haven't been on in so long...
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    2. webmasterbob
      On the plus side, you can post annoying things to her profile without noticing...for a bit ;).
      Mar 15, 2013
  15. ZeldaGuardian
    says, "I'm glad to see everything fully updated. Looks really good... Now, what to do..."
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  16. Dakare
    Dakare Windmage
    DJ, I apologize for missing your birthday in 2012. I am disappointed in myself for not carrying on the tradition.
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    2. webmasterbob
      ^Last three comments, all from Dakare, all Happy Birthday stuff. I think DJ needs some wall love.
      Feb 4, 2013
    3. Windmage
      No worries. You remembered on my FB wall! Oh hey, you should translate this: "le jeu"
      Feb 5, 2013
    4. Dakare
      I have a feeling I know what it means without translating it -_-
      Feb 5, 2013
  17. ZeldaGuardian
    I wonder what everyone is up to...
  18. ZeldaGuardian
    ZeldaGuardian Guardian of Ice
    XD Did I really write that, back in 2010?!?! That's wildly insane!! Let me set this record straight and clear for the final time...

    I did love her, back in 2007. We started dating on December 23rd, 2007. It wasn't until we were forced to separate in October of 2008. From there, I suffered through a Mental Hospital and Jail because of her. However, after that, I had this wild and crazy thought that she would return to me. It wasn't until 2010 that I finally told myself that it was never going to happen again. From there, I just went from party to party. When I finally met my new girl, I knew something different was going to happen. Ever since then, things have been much better.

    I just happen to be searching through some old posts and saw hers. Don't let the previous post (on June 13, 2010) tell you otherwise. I have certainly moved on. This is my final post on such matters.

    ~The Great Sage, ZeldaGuardian~
  19. ZeldaGuardian
    I don't really remember... It's been over three years since I've had it.
  20. webmasterbob
    webmasterbob Dakare
    Bobertson? Meh, sorta close =P