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Apr 26, 2015
Jan 6, 2008
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Middle Earth

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Loftwing, from Middle Earth

Targelion was last seen:
Apr 26, 2015
    1. Slyguy46
      Mmmmm ... Deep Fried Chocobo
    2. Targelion
      .....yes they are.......
    3. Ides Of March
      Ides Of March
      Puuuuuut a banana in your ear!
    4. Targelion
      ha no but it got annoying
    5. Ides Of March
      Ides Of March
      Well, it was going to be Shakespeare but that didn't happen.

      So, is your jaw aching from all that gum?
    6. Targelion
      yeah sure. The excel books werent bad at all for a long time. then suddenly, they were bad. but yeah, i'll give the game back if you need it and i cant find a PS2.
    7. diezoberflote
      yes hannah joined, she is CHEEZY POOZ. I can stop by at some point and grab those excel saga books, I can understand your ban, those books aren't very mutually agreeable. Good luck with finding a PS2! If you can't get one let me know, theres still a ton of stuff I haven't done in that game...-_-
    8. Targelion
      it is a shame I dont have a PS2 anymore. I can ask some other friends of mine. and about excel saga, my mom saw the last few books and doesnt want me reading them. so they are just sitting on a shelf. also, did your sister hannah join ZS?
    9. diezoberflote
      yo charly! hows the excel saga journey? done yet? also, have you found any other PS2s to use for xenosaga? thats a bummer that you lost that old one.
    10. Targelion
      oh. you wanted an animal companion? you can find a different colored chocobo :)
    11. Ides Of March
      Ides Of March
      I apoligize profusely, your jellyness (er, gelly-ness), but it was the only avatar that showed any signs of animal conpanionship and didn't give me the sudden urge to rip all my hair out of my scalp until I resemble my dad (and trust me, he is quite the baldy.). However, if it disgruntles you in any way, I make a promise here that I shall make a change if the Web Master is ever to approve my highly respectable, accurate, desirable, and very much sought after image.
    12. Gunslinger Girl
      Gunslinger Girl
      Okay. I don't know what's the issue then.
    13. Targelion
      no i am not. also, I have tried stuff from my folders and it said invalid
    14. Gunslinger Girl
      Gunslinger Girl
      you import stuff from your folders. Are you a beta tester for Bob's game?
    15. Targelion
      how? what do you do?
    16. Gunslinger Girl
      Gunslinger Girl
      Let me know when you figure out how to put the pics in, I'm having the same issue.

      Never mind. I figured it out.
    17. Targelion
      that was like in the very begininng. they got to know the forces of nature. when I say magic, I mean spell casting and curses and such.
    18. Dakare
      Because in olden days anything they couldn't explain properly was magic. I mean, they though lightning was magic at first.
    19. Targelion
      we just haven't discovered how to use it yet. if it existed in most civilzations of the olden days, why not now?
    20. i am a teddy
      i am a teddy
      *cough* *hack* magic *cough* doesn't *cough* exist *hack* *gurgle* *die*
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    Middle Earth
    Favorite Legend of Zelda Game:
    Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess
    Other Favorite Games:
    Primal Rage
    donkey kong
    tactical RPG's like fire emblem
    mostly old school games for sega genesis
    and arcade game
    Love LOTR, Gollumn is my roomate!
    love table-top miniature games, RPG's
    nhave around 1476 LOTR trading cards

    I live in my imagination which is continuously thinking of fantasy realms and creating them, monsters, LOTR