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Majora's Mask: Alien Invasion

Discussion in 'Zelda 101' started by Linkman, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. Linkman

    Linkman Loftwing

    OK, I feel really dumb that I can't figure this one out...

    What's the trick to getting rid of the aliens during the first night invasion? I followed the guides, but there always seems to be one that slips through the cracks. Is there any way to see where they are coming from without running around like a maniac and losing my place?
  2. Dakare

    Dakare Deus Ex Machina

    It's been a while since I've done this one, so I can't give you specifics. But they should come in a certain order, and if you get the pattern down, you should be fine. Best I can suggest other than that is to try looking up the pattern online (say, isn't there a Zelda site around that has guides on it?). Also not being on Epona might help you. Just throw on the bunny hood and travel on foot.
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  3. Linkman

    Linkman Loftwing

    Thanks Dakare!

    I found the Mask Guide! For the future, if you have a map of the region you can see where the aliens are on your map. That may it so much easier! Oh, and getting rid of Epona...that too!

    That was a pain.
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  4. webmasterbob

    webmasterbob The Webmaster

    Good to see your issue was solves, Linkman!

    For anyone lurking in the future, be sure to check out our mask guide.
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  5. Link and Navi

    Link and Navi Loftwing

    Lol! Wish I woulda been here for this post. another good strategy(that I use, if you wanna try your luck again) is to don the bunny hood, and run around the barn, shooting the aliens as I go. If you need any help, want some dorky glitches, or whatever for MM, don't be afraid to ask^^
  6. ZeldaGuardian

    ZeldaGuardian The Great Sage of The Seven Sages

    Here's what I normally do...
    1. Turn off the Inverted Song of Time (to allow time to flow regularly).
    2. Don the Bunny Hood.
    3. Paying attention to your map will extremely help you.
    4. Don't break that box until you're down to anywhere from 3-5 arrows left (contains 30 arrows).
    5. Always remember the one alien that tries to enter from the back part, behind the house and tree.
    6. Always remember the one alien that's on the otherside of the barn, in the field going toward the entrance.
    7. Never use Epona.
    8. Don't worry about the far ones. They'll get close eventually.
    9. Last until 5am-5:30am.

    There's only like 5 aliens you truly need to worry about during this entire endeavor. The sneakiest one is the one that comes from behind the house and tree, going to the backside of the barn. Another is in the field to the right of the barn. The other 3 appear in front of the box, but a bit far away. The ones that are further further out in the field, you don't need to normally worry about. You can focus on the others first, then if you are feeling lucky, take the shot to take them out. Other than that, you'll live until 5am-5:30am.
  7. Lt_Justin

    Lt_Justin The Grand Admiral

    I remember one time in the original cartridge on the N64 some how getting on to the roof of the barn, long story short I love the alien invasion, it reminded me of evenings in the backwoods of the Empire............. or I might be going crazy
  8. ZeldaGuardian

    ZeldaGuardian The Great Sage of The Seven Sages

    I remember finding a way to getting on the roof. I thought it was going to glitch my game, soo I quickly jumped off... I should've stayed up there, but I think I would've failed the mission...
  9. Lt_Justin

    Lt_Justin The Grand Admiral

    I might be mistaken in my memory but I recall successfully defending the farm from that vantage point. Leading the Webmaster and I to have quite a few "sniper resting on the parapet" jokes
  10. ZeldaGuardian

    ZeldaGuardian The Great Sage of The Seven Sages

    Ha. That's hilarious. Either way, I know it's something that's possible.

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