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Nintendo Directo 9.4.19

Discussion in 'Nintendo' started by ZeldaGuardian, Sep 5, 2019.

  1. ZeldaGuardian

    ZeldaGuardian The Great Sage of The Seven Sages

    Hello everyone. I am The Great Sage... Leader and Founder of The Seven Sages... Webmaster and Creator of Guardian Sages, Where Knowledge Is Born... As of yesterday, we were graced with Nintendo's latest Direct reveal. We saw many great things that are here, things that are coming, and even got a glimpse into the newest games. I will cover the main stuff that was talked about. So, let's dive into it, shall we??

    First and foremost, as the Nintendo Direct was starting its Livestream, we were shown something that was thought to never once be possible. As the Switch continues to be the #1 selling console (successfully beating the Sony Playstation in Japan as of 2019), we have seen many great online games... Fortnite, Tetris 99, Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, and many others... However, we are now going to see the #1 most selling and played online game. Overwatch. That's right. You heard me correctly. Blizzard's #1 Online Game is officially coming to the Nintendo Switch October 15th, 2019. As for a physical copy, I don't doubt that retail stores (Wal-Mart, Best Buy, GameStop especially) will be opening their Pre-Orders for this phenomenal online game. It will also implicate the Motion Controls that the Switch Console has mastered over the course of just 2 years. For instance, as Junkrat, you can turn you Switch left or right to turn his Ult (Ultimate; Rip Tire) left or right. Another example is Widowmaker. She is a phenomenal Sniper, if used correctly. You can free-move the Switch to move the sniper scope around to aim and shoot. To find out that Blizzard's #1 online game is coming to the Switch, that completely blew my mind. But, let's press on. Soo much time, soo little to see...

    After Overwatch was revealed, we were told of some new items that are coming to the Switch. Witcher III Wild Hunt Complete Edition is slated for October 15th, 2019 as well. It's going to showcase the ENTIRE game AND all of its DLC. If you're going to try and 100% this game (again), that's easily 400+ hours. Idk about you, but I was only able to obtain this many hours in Breath of the Wild. i'm currently sitting at 2200 hours, collectively. Long story. ANYWAYS!! We got official confirmation that Banjo & Kazooie is officially released on Super Smash Brothers Ultimate as DLC Pack 3. And we even got a couple sneak peeks at the DLC Pack 4 character (Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury) and confirmation that at least 5 new DLC characters are being developed. So, we are currently sitting at, in total, 10 possible DLC character. This is going to make it the biggest fighter list yet (unless there is a much larger list. If soo, let me know.). They also added more Mii Fighter outfits, one that stood out above the rest. Anyone ever play Undertale?? Remember that difficult boss (Genocide Path ONLY) that you faced?? Remember Sans?? Yes, he's back. And his music is back as well. Tetris 99 is going to feature a survival mode and a 2 player mode as well, alongside a new release that will also feature a 12-month membership and possibly a physical copy of the game. Why?? Not entirely sure, but this is Nintendo. They know how to market quite nicely. Link's Awakening Remastered was also given some more insight of what we can expect out of the game, especially the Dungeon Editor Mode.

    About a year or so ago, the Nintendo Switch Online Presence was officially released. This gave us Nintendo players access to quite a few useful functions. We are granted access to the Cloud Storage, in case we need to transfer to a new Switch and backup all our Save Data. We were able to play online with some of the hottest game titles: Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Super Mario Party, Arms, Tetris 99, Fortnite, and now Overwatch. We are able to chat and join parties through the Nintendo Online App, via Smartphone. Although, I am sure with Nintendo and Microsoft partnering up, we may get access to the online capabilities of parties and chat that Microsoft has mastered over the years. One of the best features is the NES App that allows us to play all those oldie but goodie games. We currently have access to over 30 different Nintendo Entertainment System games: Super Mario Brothers, Super Mario Brothers 2, Super Mario Brothers 3, Super Mario Brothers: Lost Levels, Legend of Zelda 1986, Zelda II: Adventure of Link, Gradius, Donkey Kong, and many more. However, as of today, we are granted a new portal on the Nintendo Online App. It's the Super Nintendo App. Yes, all those rumors and files that we found in the data folders are true. We have access to over 10 SNES games: Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart, Legend of Zelda - A Link to the Past, Donkey Kong Country, and many more. That has gone live as of September 5th, 2019. So, go update your Nintendo Switches and kick it back old school style again. And as an added bonus, Nintendo has, up for pre-order on their site, the SNES classic controller.

    That's just a small taste of what the Nintendo Direct was able to give us. But there are a few un-answered questions that I'm personally curious about... Is there a possible chance that Tracer can be a Smash DLC character?? With Overwatch on the Switch, can we cross-play with Microsoft Xbox Users?? Do we get Nintendo-Themed Overwatch skins and such?? How is it possible to do 8-players on one Animal Crossing game?? Let me know what you think in the posts below.

    This is your Nintendo Direct headline, brought to you by your neighborhood Legend of Zelda Grand Master and Nintendo Man. Until next time, always remember: "May The Way of the Hero Lead to The Triforce."

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