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Review Nintendo Switch the First Week

Discussion in 'Nintendo' started by Lt_Justin, Mar 12, 2017.

  1. Lt_Justin

    Lt_Justin The Grand Admiral

    Too start I would like to say that I am not a "Super" fan of Nintendo the last home console of theirs I have is the Wii and I was not originally going to purchase a Switch, however the Webmaster here ended up pre-ordering two and offered my one at Retail price several weeks ago and my wife permitted it. This was a GREAT decision, so far I have two games for the Switch one of course is Zelda Breath of the Wild the other is FAST RMX.

    Switch: most of my complaints on the system its self steam from the controller that comes with the system, I have two such. the first is that I am one of the lucky people that gets to deal with the issue of the left Joy-Con desyncing if so much as a dust particle gets between it and the docked system, this is highly annoying as when i game i tend to have the coffee table between me and the tower of Game Consoles. The second minor complaint is that the A and B button are still backwards compared to the Xbone so going from on to the other takes a little getting used to (I keep hitting the B button on my xbone trying to use Youtube.)

    Zelda: well this game truly fixes so of the problems that were starting to make Zelda feel a little Stagnate on the home consoles keeping in mind that while Skyward Sword was a very fun game it came out and was graphically stunning it came out a week after Skyrim of the two zelda felt decidedly smaller. Breath of The Wild is a massive game and it feels like it I can play it however I chose with different options making each session unique i can even use a Ladle and Pot Lid to figth enemies at least until they break :( luckily I can have a mop in reserve. I will leave long detailed reviews to those with more patience and writing skills then myself but in short this game feels like the epic games we have come to expect in the Zelda Franchise and is a lot of fun, I am only done with the first dungeon due largely to being too busy exploring but already feel that the replay value will be very high.

    FAST RMX: this game is a trip down memory lane if you liked F Zero GX for the Gamecube you should get this it feels so much like F Zero that it might as well be named as such. This is the third game in the "Fast" series with one each on the Wii and Wii U. I only got it last night but already have partaken in three "seasons" each consisting of three races upon starting only the "easy" difficulty is unlocked. I have only gotten one first place and two second places (in the seasons) so far and I consider myself a pretty good racing/flying gamer as such I am surprised at how innovative and challenging this game is shaping up to be, luckily the challenge is not the type that exasperates players instead it makes me want to try harder. Some might worry that this game will lose its appeal next month with the re-release of Mario Cart 8 however this game is a very different racer and while it lacks the corny storymode of F Zero GX (which might actually be a blessing) the fast paced action will leave Mario cart feeling like a Go-Kart at a Nascar Race..... if you have a Switch and about 21 Dollars to spare I can't recommend it enough.
  2. ZeldaGuardian

    ZeldaGuardian The Great Sage of The Seven Sages

    Yeah, I have only ONE setback I would say about the Nintendo Switch... If you're playing on the Tablet mainly, the battery life is merely 2-3 hours tops. However, it's definitely one of the greatest Nintendo Systems to be released. I already collected all the Amiibo's I could for the Breath of the Wild. I also managed to get all the Zelda merch I could (working/managing a GameStop has some awesome perks). I have all the games thus far that have been released: Has Been Heroes, Bomberman, 1-2-Switch, Breath of the Wild, and a couple others...

    Breath of the Wild: I have officially logged in over 450 hours of gameplay on this game and I'm almost completely done with the game. I'm honestly at 99.47% complete with this game. I have only a few Korok Seeds to find (being that there are 900 in the ENTIRE game), found all 120 Shrines, completed all the Side/Shrine/Main Quests, taken a picture to complete my Hyrule Conpendium, upgraded ALL my outfits and armor that I could (there are some outfits you cannot upgrade), collected every ingredient you can find, and much much more. I'm actually almost done writing my strategy guide for Zelda Sages (in case @webmasterbob will want to use it). I also plan on doing a Let's Play for my YouTube Channel, however I will also record a step-by-step video list for Zelda Sages (again up to @webmasterbob).

    Besides that, I haven't had a chance to open up the other games, not just including the Switch Games. I also have Mass Effect Andromeda to play through (eventually), along with Persona 5 (which was released tonight). I also have Mario Kart 8 Deluxe reserved as well (I got the Limited Edition that comes with the Wheel).

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