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Pokemon GO

Discussion in 'Other Consoles' started by ZeldaGuardian, Jul 22, 2016.

  1. ZeldaGuardian

    ZeldaGuardian The Great Sage of The Seven Sages

    Hello everyone. I am The Great Sage, Webmaster and Creator of Guardian Sages. Well, we all knew it was bound to happen. Pokemon has reached a new plateau of mobile gaming. Recently, the newest and craziest craze has been the new App designed by Niantic called "Pokemon GO". Yours truly actually has the App on his phone as well. I've been playing it for quite some time.

    When I first started playing, it's kinda like the start of a game. Except this time, you actually have to go and capture the pokemon yourself. Once I realized this, I knew that this game was something A LOT of Pokemon players, especially from the 90's, were going to enjoy. The Pokemon GO app makes you actually move around and go walking/exploring for new Pokemon. In just a short time, I know that many people already figured out hacks, hints, and more to level their character up. I've seen people at levels past 20. Me personally, I'm only level 12. But the higher your level, the higher CP (Combat Points) Pokemon you'll find.

    There are also Pokestops and Pokemon Gyms placed all over. Once you're at Level 5, you are able to start battling in the Pokemon Gyms. You start to get better things as you reach the higher levels, as to be expected. If you're apart of a gym, you can gym royalties that you can claim once per day. You get 10 Pokecoins and 500 Startdust. Pokecoins are something you either earn through gyms or by buying them using real money through the app, called In-App Purchases. They range accordingly: 100 Pokecoins for $0.99, 550 Pokecoins for $4.99, 1,200 Pokecoins for $9.99, 2,500 Pokecoins for $19.99, 5,200 Pokecoins for $39.99, and 14,500 Pokecoins for $99.99. But with the coins, you can buy many things for your character. You can buy the following: Bag Upgrade for 200 Coins, Pokemon Storage Upgrade for 200 Coins, 1 Lure Module for 100 Coins, 8 Lure Modules for 680 Coins, an Egg Incubator for 150 Coins, 1 Lucky Egg for 80 Coins, 8 Lucky Eggs for 500 Coins, 25 Lucky Eggs for 1,250 Coins, 1 Incense for 80 Coins, 8 Incense for 500 Coins, 25 Incense for 1,250 Coins, 20 Pokeballs for 100 Coins, 100 Pokeballs for 460 Coins, and 200 Pokeballs for 800 Coins. Allow me to further elaborate.

    Of course, we all know what Pokeballs are used for. We use them to catch Pokemon. Incense is a new item. Incense gives off an aroma around your character, which attracts Pokemon to you more often than just standing there. Then, there's the Lucky Egg. The Lucky Egg gives you Double XP on catching Pokemon. Then, there's the Lure Module. When you adventure to a Pokestop, you can spin the center circle to get some bonuses. But if you place a Lure Module in the Pokestop, it will "lure" more Pokemon to the area. The Incense, Lucky Egg, and the Lure Module will last 30 minutes (in Real Time).

    Overall, there's a lot of new and promising things that are going to be coming with this new Pokemon GO app. I'm actually excited to see how this will be playing out. If you have the Pokemon GO app, comment down below and let us know of your stats. I will tell you mine. I'm Level 12, with at least 30 Pokemon. My top six are: Pidgeot (644 CP), Persian (506 CP), Fearow (486 CP), Golbat (462 CP), Arbok (447 CP), and Machoke (434 CP). I am Team Mystic, the very best team to be apart of. I started playing on July 8th. Considering the fact that I only walk to and from work, I don't really go anywhere after work, and I'm always home, that's a pretty good level. However, I will be trying to get more active with it. Again, let us know below your stats. I wanna know!!
  2. ZeldaGuardian

    ZeldaGuardian The Great Sage of The Seven Sages

    Hey hey, everyone. ZeldaGuardian here. I'm back to give you the latest update on Pokemon GO. Now, recently, Niantic released a major update to the Game App. However, us Pokemon GOers have noticed the changes rather quickly.

    Soo, first thing you notice. Once you get into your game, you are given a pop-up screen every time. The pop-up screens help remind you to "not trespass while playing" and other tips. Once you finally get past the pop-ups, there's another major difference. See the Pokemon on your bottom right corner?? If you remember, they had little prints underneath the Pokemon, indicating how far away they were to you. Now, if you tried to use this on multiple occasions, you would soon learn that the meter system wasn't perfect. However, with this update, the meter system is now officially gone. It only tells you what Pokemon are close by, not how far away anymore.

    Another updated feature is when you click on your profile picture on the bottom left corner. When you bring it up, you have a new button on the bottom right corner. Once you click it, you will see that you have the Journal and Customize options. The customize option allows you to customize your character again, this time as many times as you want. Another feature is for the Pokemon. As you're scrolling through your Pokemon, you usually get rid of the lower level duplicated Pokemon you catch (getting the Candy to upgrade your more powerful ones). Well, when you click on a Pokemon, you have a new icon on the bottom right corner. Once you click on it, you will be able to either Transfer or Favorite that Pokemon. I would assume it's to make things run more smoothly. However, with the new updates, there's always a few bugs that comes along with it.

    I'm not sure if any of you have ran into this lately, but when I'm catching Pokemon (say a Growlithe), I go through my routine. I spin my Pokeball (trying to get the curve bonus XP), I catch the Pokemon, then get the XP. However, when I caught it to see its stats and candy, it was a completely different Pokemon (let's say a Sandshrew). It's been a constant thing every time I try to catch a Pokemon. I've been seeing the Pokemon out, but after I catch it, it's completely different. Another drawback is strictly for the iOS Operating Systems (aka iPhones). Niantic has taken away the Battery Saver mode that's in your settings (at the top right corner). Then again, I heard that the Battery Life didn't last anyways while people played Pokemon GO on their Mac Systems. But one of the biggest things that Niantic has done was shut down a 3rd-party location. Apparently, Niantic doesn't like the fact that people are "nerfing" or "spooping" their phone's GPS location to get more Pokemon and XP. So, they have decided to shut them down permanently. Now, I'm not 100% sure on what exactly they shut down, but if you know, then please comment down below. Let me know what you think about the newest update. Ready, GO!!!

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